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    กระดาษทดสอบความเค็ม (0 – 5 g/l NaCl)

    Quick and easy determination of salt

    Saltesmo test discs are frequently used for the determination of salt (NaCl) in foodstuffs and in sea water. All reagents are impregnated on the paper, making the test very easy to use even for untrained persons. One simply has to pierce a hole into the disc using the needle supplied with the test and allow the disc to soak in the sample for 2 minutes. A discolored zone appears around the hole and the size is proportional to the chloride concentration in the solution.

    Product data and ordering information
    Type Test disks
    Presentation Box of 30 test discs
    Colour reaction red → white
    Gradation 0 · 0.25 · 0.5 · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 g/l NaCl
    REF 90608 


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