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    เครื่องโฟโตมิเตอร์-แอมโมเนีย (Ammonia Photometer 0.00- 9.99 mg/L)

    HI 95715

    Ammonia MR Photometer with 466 nm filter and Cal Check

              Ammonia is naturally present in water, as it is a product of the protein microbiological decay of animals and plants.

    High ammonia concentrations in surface waters indicate domestic pollution. Moreover, ammonia and its compounds are used as fertilizers.

    HANNA® offers HI 95715 to analyze the concentration of total ammonia nitrogen in water between 0.00 to 9.99 mg/L.

    The analysis consists of 2 easy to use liquid reagents, supplied with droppers.

    Moreover, validating the instrument is possible at any time with the Cal Check standard cuvets.

    Order Information:

    HI 95715 is supplied with (2) sample cuvets with caps, 9V battery and instruction manual.

    HI 95715C is supplied with CAL CHECK™ standard cuvets, (2) sample cuvets with caps, 9V battery, tissue for wiping cuvets and instruction manual in a hard carrying case.


    Range   0.00 to 9.99 mg/L (as NH3-N)
    Resolution   0.01 mg/L
    Accuracy   ±0.12 mg/L to 6.00 mg/L
    Light Source   LED with narrow band interface filter 466 nm
    Light Detection   Silicon Photocell
    Power Supply   1 x 9V battery
    Auto Shut-off   After 10 minutes of non-use in measurement mode
    After 1 hour of non-use in calibration mode
    Environment   0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95% non-condensing
    Dimensions   180 x 83 x 46 mm (7.1 x 3.3 x 1.8″)
    Weight   290 g (10 oz.)
    Method   Adaptation of ASTM method, D1426-93, Nessler Method


    HI 93703-50 Solution for Cleaning Cuvets


    HI 710009 Shockproof Boot, Blue
    HI 710010 Shockproof Boot, Orange
    HI 721310 9V Battery
    HI 731318 Tissue for Wiping Cuvets
    HI 731331 Glass Cuvet for HI 957xx Series Meters
    HI 731335 Cuvet Cap for HI 957xx Series Meters
    Reagents & Standards
    HI 93715-01 Ammonia MR, Nessler Method (100 Tests)
    HI 93715-03 Ammonia MR, Nessler Method (300 Tests)
    HI 95715-11 Cal Check® Standard cuvet for HI 95715


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