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    เครื่องโฟโตมิเตอร์-ซัลเฟต (SULFATE Photometer 0-150 mg/L)

    HI 96751


              Sulfate is widely present in natural waters in different concentrations. Sulfate concentration is to be kept within a strict range for drinking water, especially since the value can be high near mine drainage points. Sulfate is also rigorously tested in the production of beverages such as beer, due to its significant effect upon odor and taste. Sulfate is added to certain types of boilers to help precipitate calcium and magnesium and to inhibit encrustation. Too much sulfate can be corrosive in high pressure boilers, electric turbines and their heat exchangers. In fact, in these applications it is important to keep the level below a specific limit. Similar checks of sulfate presence are carried out in water used for different production cycles, including those of semiconductors.

    Order Information:
    HI 96751 is supplied with (2) sample cuvettes with caps, 9V battery and instructions. CAL CHECK™ standards and reagents sold separately.


    Range   0 to 150 mg/L (ppm)
    Resolution   1 mg/L (ppm)
    Precision   ±1 mg/L ±5% of reading
    Light Source   LED
    Light Detector   Silicon photocell with narrow band interference filter @ 466 nm
    Method   Adaptation of the turbidimetric method.
    Reagents & Standards
    HI 96751-11 CAL CHECK™ standard cuvettes
    HI 93751-01 Sulfate, Turbidimetric Method (100 Tests)
    HI 93751-03 Sulfate, Turbidimetric Method (300 Tests)


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