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    เครื่องโฟโตมิเตอร์-กรดทาร์ทาริกในไวน์ (Determination of Tartaric Acid in Wine Photometer)

    HI 83748

    Photometer for the Determination of Tartaric Acid in Wine

              HI 83748 photometer is a portable, micro-processor meter for measuring tartaric acid in wine. A built-in auto-diagnostic feature optimizes the optical condition and ensures the most precise readings possible. An advanced optical system, built around a specialized tungsten lamp and a narrow band interference filter at 525 nm affords accuracy and repeatability. With a few simple steps, winemakers can quickly and accurately measure tartaric acid content.

    Order Information:
    HI 83748 is supplied with reagents for 5 tests, 200 µl pipette, 5 mL syringe, (2) cuvets with caps, tissue for wiping cuvets, 12 VDC power adapter, (4) 1.5V AA batteries and instruction manual in a hard carrying case.


    Range   0.0 to 5.0 g/L
    Accuracy   Typical ±5%
    Light Source   Tungsten lamp with narrow band interference filter @ 525 nm
    Sensor   Silicon photocell
    Method   The reaction of tartaric acid with the reagent causes the sample to turn orange/yellow
    Environment   0 to 50°C; max 95% RH non-condensing
    Battery Type   (4) 1.5V AA batteries/12 VDC adapter
    Auto Shut-off   After 15 minutes of non-use
    Dimensions   225 x 85 x 80 mm
    Weight   500 g


    HI 731318 Tissue for Wiping Cuvets
    HI 731340 200 µL graduated pipette
    HI 731350 Tip for 200 µL graduated pipette
    HI 731321 Glass Cuvet for HI 937xx & HI 832xx Series Meters
    HI 710006 Voltage adapter from 230V to 12 Vdc (European plug)
    Reagents & Standards
    HI 83748-20 Tartaric Acid Reagents


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