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    เครื่องสเปกโตรโฟโตมิเตอร์ NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS

    Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS
    UV/VIS-Spectrophotometer with reference detector technology (RDT)

              The NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS from MACHEREY-NAGEL is a powerful UV/VIS spectrophotometer with monochromator (190-1100 nm) for universal use in all areas of water and waste water analysis. This includes municipal and industrial waste water, drinking water, process water, surface water, ground water as well as cooling and boiler feed water. The NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS is also the ideal test unit for quality control in various fields of industry, such as food and beverage industries.

    Save time and make your lab time easier
    spectrophotometernanocolor2Fast measurements by NANOCOLOR® barcode technology

              Fully automatic, instant cuvette detection by the built-in laser scanner allows simple and fast routine analysis

              Selection of the test method and suitable wavelength, the actual measurement and storage of the measurement results are carried out automatically without having to use any other key 

    Measurement without cuvette slot cover

              The modern designed optics is insensitive to external light and allows straightforward measurements

    spectrophotometer nanocolor3

    User-friendly touchscreen

              All significant data and functions are clearly shown on the coloured, backlit touchscreen display

    Pre-programmed tests and photometric basic functions

              More than 100 pre-programmed tests with over 200 analysis programmes

              Straightforward call-up of all photometric basic functions, such as absorbance, transmission, factor, standard and multi-wavelength measurements, as well as kinetics and scan

    Experience precision and increase accuracy  
    Self-explanatory user guidance          All tests and menu items can be activated fast and easily. The photometer can be operated without any complex and time-consuming trainingManual with test instructions, presented as pictograms

              Safe test procedures without complex instructions

    Highly accurate measurements by high-quality optical components

              Precision optics and reference detector technology (RDT) ensure accurate results

              High resolution scans are recorded and shown on the display within seconds

    spectrophotometer nanocolor4spectrophotometer nanocolor5
    Assure results and meet specifications
    spectrophotometer nanocolor6IQC according to ISO 9001 with NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK

              Conformance to requirements of internal quality control (IQC) and protection towards supervisors and authorities

              Fast and easy control of photometric accuracy of the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS with NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK (Cat. No. 925 701) by the user himself

    Documentation of results in accordance to GLP
              Individual entries of sample number, sample location, user and dilution

              Graphic display of the results, relating to the measurement range and the 20-80% range 

    spectrophotometer nanocolor7

    Clear memory management

              GLP-conform storage of the measured results with all supplementary information such as date, time, sample number, sample location, user and dilution

              Fast and easy access to stored results and data sets 

    spectrophotometer nanocolor8Convenient export of data

              Easy transfer of measured results and spectra to various common PC formats (e.g. MS Excel)

              Direct print-out of measured data with the NANOCOLOR® thermal printer (Cat. No. 919 16)

    Professional software for data and spectrum processing included

              Easy processing of transferred data either with the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS PC Software V 23.0 or with standard software

    Enjoy flexibility and be prepared for the future
    No cuvette adapter required          Round tubes (16 mm OD) and rectangular cuvettes (10, 20, 50 mm) can be used in the universal cuvette slot without any adapter          Small accessories are not required

    Programmable for user defined applications
              Free programming of up to 100 user defined methods

              Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm

    Additional turbidity measurements with 90° scattered light
              Performance of nephelometric turbidity measurements with 90° scattered light for low turbidity values in addition to the 180° transmittance method for high turbidity values

    Fast photometer update – free of charge
              At any time, stay up-to-date by easy programme updating via Internet/PC

    spectrophotometer nanocolor9spectrophotometer nanocolor10
    Technical data  
    Type: UV/VIS Spectrophotometer with reference detector technology (RDT)
    Light sources: Halogen lamp (visible range) and deuterium lamp (UV range)
    Optical system: Monochromator
    Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm
    Wavelength accuracy: ± 1 nm
    Wavelength resolution: 0.3 nm
    Wavelength calibration: Automatic
    Wavelength selection: Automatic, barcode, manual
    Scan speed: 900 nm or 1 complete scan in less than 1 minute
    Spectral bandwidth: < 4 nm
    Photometric range: ± 3.0 E in the wavelength range 200-900 nm
    Photometric accuracy: 0.005 E at 0.0-0.5 E; 1% at 0.5-2.0 E
    Photometric linearity: < 0.5% at 2 E; ≤ 1% at > 2 E
    Stray light: < 0.05%
    Measuring modes: More than 100 pre-programmed tests, 100 optionally programmable methods, absorbance, transmission, factor, kinetics, 2-point calibration, scan, nephelometric turbidity measurement
    Cuvette holder: round tubes 14 mm ID, rectangular cuvettes 10, 20, 50 mm
    Data memory: 1000 measured data sets, GLP conform
    Display: Coloured LCD touchscreen with background lighting
    Operation: Barcode technology, display user guidance, touchscreen
    External light: Insensitive, open cuvette slot
    Interfaces: USB and bi-directional serial RS 232
    Update: Via Internet / PC
    Operating range: 10-40 °C , max. 80% relative humidity (without condensation)
    Power supply: 110-240 V, ~50/60 Hz, 60 VA
    DimensionsL / B / H: 390 / 285 / 155 mm
    Weight: 6,5 kg
    Warranty: 2 years
    This appliance comply with the following EC directives:         – 73/23/EEC of 19.02.1973 – Low-Voltage Directive         – 89/336/EEC of 03.05.89 (including amendment directive 92/31/EEC) – EMC Directive
    Ordering information  
              Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS incl. software DVD, quick reference guide, manual, dust cover, mains cable, USB cable, serial cable, calibration cuvette, microfiber tissue and certificate Cat. No. 919 100


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