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    เครื่องทดสอบค่าซีโอดี (COD)

    Block Heater 8 Holes
    Block Heater 25 Holes
    CheckitDirect CODDetermination of the chemical oxygen demand index (ST-COD)
    Small-scale sealed tube
    Total range 0 – 15000 mg/l.


    • ST-COD sealed tubes ready for use
    • Suppression of chloride interference up to 1000 mg/l
    • 3 measuring ranges:
      • Low range: 0 – 150 mg/l, according to ISO 15705:2002
      • Middle range: 0 – 1500 mg/l, according to ISO 15705:2002
      • High range: 0 – 15000 mg/l


    With a measuring range from 0 to 15,000 mg/l O2, the Lovibond CheckitDirect COD VARIO photometer is suitable for waste water testing. Two LEDs light sources with long-term stability (λ1 = 605 nm; λ2 = 430 nm, according to ISO 15705:2002), a waterproof sample chamber, a large digital display, and the user-friendly keypad ensure maximum operating reliability and convenience.

    The waste water parameter COD

    The chemical oxygen demand, ST-COD value, of water as determined by this dichromate method can be considered as an estimate of the theoretical oxygen demand, i.e. the amount of oxygen consumed in total chemical oxidation of the organic constituents present in the water.

    COD VARIO tube tests

    The Lovibond COD VARIO tube tests are available for the measuring ranges 0-150 mg/l O2, 0-1500 mg/l O2 and 0-15000 mg/l O2. Their chemical properties and a 16 mm tube diameter
    is suitable also for use with Hach photometers.

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