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    Mode of Operation                   The UV process has a flashlight photometer with curette formed by a gap in the analyzer case. The UV extinction of the immersion medium around the probe is measured across the width of this measuring aperture. The analyzer measurement with Spectral Absorption Coefficient at 254nm.(SAC254)  for  higher accurate of measuring from  effect of turbidity on UV absorption is compensated by a reference measurement (Visible light source at 550 nm.) This method leaves no hazardous waste and is friendly with environmental.

    Monitoring Application

              The Analyzer was developed and produce in Thailand for monitoring the quality of water supply and waste water treatment process to higher precision in online water analysis. User can check the efficiency of each unit for the treatment on process. User can setup function control for automatic systems to run for making certain and easy operation. Typical applications are on industrial water, pulp and paper ,brewery treatment plant and drinking water.

    Output and Communication

              The BOD/COD-UV Analyzer has 4 channels for standard signal outputs (Analog 0-20 or 4-20mA.) and 4 channels for digital output (Relay 10A). There are many communications such as modbus protocol or RS485 or (WIFI) supports (option). The analyzer  has built-in data logger by the expansion SD card upto2Gb for collecting measurement and alarm data.

    Easy Maintenance

              BOD/COD-UV Analyzer is easy to used and easy to maintenance because measurement is done in by-pass system. It also has hydraulic self-cleaning with design of sampling chamber and at the start cycle of measurement it has automatic flushing. the analyzer need calibration and service checking on yearly period.


    Measurement  Method :   UV absorbance 254nm.  (Visible 550 nm. compensation)

    Equipment Type:             Analyzer Box with chamber 30 mm.

    Measurement Range:       BOD  range  0-100 mg/L , COD  range  0-1,000 mg/L

    Accuracy:                        ±10 % of  span measurement. 

    Analysis Time:                 Max. 15 min / sample.

    Calibration Range:            Linear

    Sampling characteristics:   PH                     4-10 pH                      

                                           Temperature      0-60 C                

                                           Sampling Flow    0.1-5 L/min. (Maximum)

                                           Pressure            0-0.5 Bar.

    Display/ Processor:            7″  Touch Screen , 800×480 Resolution / ARM9 533 MHz.

    Memory:                           64 MB SD RAM, Expansion  SD CARD     up-to 2GB.

    Alarm mode:                      Alarm level up to 4 level and have mode alarm critical operation.Analog

    Output:                             4 Channels 0-20 or 4-20 mA, 16Bits Resolution , Loop currents 2 Wire.

    Digital Output:                    4 Channels  ,10 A. Relay Output.Opto isolation.

    Data logger:                       Data    15   min/Record,  Max.  2  Years         

                                             Alarm  15   min/Record,  Max.  2  Years 

    Communication:                  1 Serials RS232 Modbus Protocol                                              

                                             1 Serials RS485 Modbus Protocol  Ethernet modbus over TCP/IP (Option) Wireless  (Option)

    Power Supply:                     115/230 VAC 50/60Hz. Max 3 A.

    Analyzer Case:                    Stainless Steel 304 , 600x1000x350 mm.

    Pipe Size:                            Input (sampling)   : 1/2 ” Stainless Steel

                                              Output (Drain)      : 1/2 ” Stainless Steel

    Produce city:                        Analyzer  :  made in Thailand

                                              Detector  :  made in Germany

    Dimension Engineering:

               BOD/COD-UV Analyzer is designed for easy Installation and flexible to use in-door or out-door. The design has support by-pass system and separation analysis part and water sampling flow. The analyzer case is stainless steel 304 for protection of corrosive environment and this installation type is more stable to use.


    Ordering Code:

    UVECO-001    BOD-UV800 for measurement BOD Only

    UVECO-002    COD-UV800 for measurement COD Only

    UVECO-003    Both-UV850 for measurement BOD and COD


    For support monitoring system and function control network.

    MASN-001      DLU-120 signal converter

    MASN-002      RTU-010 Remote Terminal Unit

    MASN-003      ECO-MON Process control remote monitoring software

    Hot Other Application:

              BOD/COD-UV Analyzer is designed for increase option to use in water treatment operation system. Product highlight are that in can be correlated with industrial water flexible to use and low cost. Finally, this analyzer can support project of Ministry of Industry “Online Pollution Monitoring System, OPMS” for monitoring water quality of Factories in real time.





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