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    เครื่องมือวัดค่าการนำไฟฟ้า, อุณหภูมิ แบบมือถือ (Eutech Cond 6+)

    Product Features

    :: Multi-Point Push-button Calibration (up to 5 points) with ±1% full scale accuracy
    :: Option of quick, easy automatic calibration or customised, near-to-sample manual calibration.
    :: Auto-Ranging for Conductivity/TDS measurements for fast response and best resolution over wide measurement range
    :: Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for the optimum accuracy under fluctuating temperatures
    :: Hold Function momentarily freezes reading for easy viewing
    :: Auto-Power Off saves battery power after non-use
    :: Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting
    :: Large Custom LCD provides optimum viewing even at a distance
    :: Electrode with Built-in ATC designed for minimal air bubble entrapment during measurement
    :: Protective Rubber Boot shields meter from drops and features a sturdy built-in stand for easy bench-top operation
    :: Meter Kit (Optional) – contains everything you need for calibration and measurement in a rugged carrying case


    Routine Testing: For quick, accurate conductivity or TDS checks in laboratories, field and schools.

    Environmental/Agricultural: Useful in nutrient and fertilizer checks in hydroponics and agricultural industries.

    Water Quality Testing: For analyzing water hard water, untreated water, industrial and rinse water, drinking water, effluent water, pool water and incoming process water. Ideal for all types of quality assurance, printing industries and water quality testing.


    Conductivity Range .. to 19.99 uS/cm
    19.9 uS/cm to 199.9 uS/cm
    199.9 uS/cm to 1999 µS/cm
    2.00 mS/cm to 19.99 mS/cm
    20.0 mS/cm to 199.9 mS/cm
    Resolution & Accuracy 0.05% full scale & ±1% full scale + 1 LSD
    Calibration Points 4 (1 per range) auto; 5 (1 per range) manual
    Temperature Range 0 to 80.0 °C (32 to 176 °F)
    Resolution & Accuracy 0.1 °C (0.1 °F) & ±0.5 °C (±0.9 °F)
    Temperature Compensation Automatic / Manual (0 to 80 °C)
    Cell Constant 0.1, 1.0, 10.0 (selectable)
    Temperature Coefficient 0.0% to 3.0%
    Temperature Normalisation 20.0 to 25.0 °C
    No. of Calibration Points Up to 5 max. (1 per range)
    Special Functions Auto Power-off after 17 minutes;
    Hold & Self-diagnostic messages
    Power 4 ‘AAA’ x 1.4V batteries; >100 hours


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