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    อุปกรณ์วัด Turbidity (benchtop instrument for measuring turbidity according to ISO 7027)

    HI 88713-02 benchtop instrument for measuring turbidity  according to ISO 7027

    HI 88713 is a professional tool for high accuracy, which benefits from HANNA’s years of experience in the production of analytical instruments.
    HI 88713 is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 7027.
    The special optical system ensures accurate results, assures a long-term stability and minimizes interference due to color and scattered light. It is also able to compensate for variations in intensity of the light source, eliminating the need for frequent calibration.
    cuvettes are constructed with a special optical glass guarantee the repeatability of measurements.
    Turbidity measurements can be performed in four scales: 0.00 to 1000 FNU (Formazin Nephelometric Units) mode FNU, 10 to 4000 FAU (Formazin Attenuation Units) mode FAU, 0.00 to 4000 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) in NTU ratiometric mode and from 0.00 to 1000 NTU NTU mode does not ratiometric. From the two modes NTU is also possible to display readings in EBC units.
    Depending on the measured sample and needed accuracy, you can select the normal measurement mode, continuous or signal averaging. The calibration can be performed on two, three, four or five points using the standard supplied (<0.1, 15, 100, 750 FNU and 2000 NTU). If you use standard prepared by the user, you can edit the calibration points.
    HI 88713 is equipped with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) that allow the calibration traceable test conditions: in fact you can check the calibration points used, the ‘Time and date of last calibration user. HI 88713 is equipped with user-friendly interface with large graphic display. All messages are displayed in an extensive way, without using codes difficult to understand. In addition, a context-sensitive online help is always available at the touch of a button. Finally, an instructive mode provides additional information and explanations to accompany the operator at all stages of the analysis. The instrument displays the messages, online help and instructions in Italian.
    recording function data enjoys a memory that can store up to 200 measurements, complete with date, time, and parameter measurement units. These data can be recalled at any time or downloaded to a PC through the USB port and the software HANNA HI 92000.



    Stray Light    <0.1 NTU (0:05 EBC)
    Sensor / i    silicon photocell
    Measurement mode    Normal, continuous, signal averaging
    Standard    <0.1, 15, 100, 750, and 2000 NTU
    Calibration    steps 2, 3, 4 or 5 points
    Light Source    IR LEDs at 890 nm
    Duration source    life of the instrument
    Display    graphic display, 64 x 28 pixels, with backlight
    Storing    200 samples
    Interfaces    USB port
    Terms of use    up to 50 ° C max 95% RH non-condensing
    Supply    input 12 Vdc adapter
    Dimensions and weight    230 x 200 x 145 mm / 2.5 kg 

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