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    อุปกรณ์วัด Tube Test (NANOCOLOR® T-SET)

    Electronic temperature control and calibration of heating blocks
    • NANOCOLOR® T-Set – Electronic temperature sensor for
      • inspection equipment monitoring
      • analytical quality control according to GLP
    • inclusive NANOCOLOR® T-Set software for
      • recording of heating curves
      • transfer of test and calibration data to PC
      • creation of certificates and protocols
      • programming of heating blocks
    tset Electronic temperature sensor for temperature control and calibration

    For consistent analytical quality control in water analysis the accuracy of the temperature of heating blocks has to be checked. With the NANOCOLOR® T-Set the programmed temperatures of the heating blocks NANOCOLOR® VARIO 3 andNANOCOLOR® VARIO compact from MACHEREY-NAGEL can easily be tested and calibrated in case of deviation.

    Functions T-Set

    Temperature control
    All temperatures programmed in the heating block are measured by the NANOCOLOR® T-Set, displayed and stored in the heating block.

    All temperatures programmed in the heating block are measured by the NANOCOLOR® T-Set, displayed, calibrated and stored in the heating block.

    Quick and easy
    1. Connect RS 232 plug of the T-Set with the interface of the heating block
    1. Stick the temperature sensor into the small hole on the safety cover of the heating block
    1. Switch on the heating block while pressing and holding down the °C-key
    1. Start the programme with the OK-key
    Functions T-Set software

    With the NANOCOLOR® T-Set software heating curves can be recorded to check the temperature stability of the heating blocks and temperatures and heating times can easily be programmed in the heating blocks via PC. Furthermore, test and calibration data measured with the NANOCOLOR® T-Set can be transferred to PC. Certificates and protocols are issued automatically by the NANOCOLOR® T-Set software just by pressing one button.

    Technical data
    Detector: PT 1000 (95 x ø 4 mm)
    Resolution: ± 0.1 °C
    Display: via LED-Displays of the heating block and NANOCOLOR® T-Set software
    Operation: via foil-covered symbol keys of the heating block and NANOCOLOR® T-Set software
    Temperature range: 0 – 200 °C
    Accuracy: ± 0.2 °C
    Long-term stability: ± 0.1 °C
    Interface: bidirectional serial RS 232
    Operating range: 0 – 50 °C, up to 90 % rel. humidity
    Power supply: via RS 232
    Power consumption: max. 20 mW
    Dimensions: 112 cm (length) incl. cable
    Weight: approx. 60 g
    Marking: CE
    Certificate: calibrated with standard calibration thermometer
    Warranty: 2 years
    Declaration of conformity:
    This instrument conforms to the following directives:
    -89/336/EC of 03.05.1989 (including Amendment Directive 92/31/EC) – EMC Directive
    Ordering information
    Electronic temperature sensor incl. software-CD, certificate and manual
    Cat. No. 919 917
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