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    อุปกรณ์วัด Tube Test (Compact photometer PF-3)

    Compact photometer PF-3
    Small – Strong – Smart

    • Intuitive menu guidance
    • Water proof according to IP 67
    • USB connection and free software
    • Optional 0-Set function
    • Add new tests anytime for free
    Addition to the MN family

    The new compact photometer PF-3 is the smallest and youngest member of the MACHEREY-NAGEL photometer family. The instrument is the logical addition to our product portfolio and perfectly fits our tradition of reliability, user friendliness and innovation.

    At the core of the PF-3, there are premium high precision optics with especially selected LEDs and first-rate interference filters. As the PF-3 is equipped with three different wavelengths, it will be available in multiple versions for different applications. The available versions you can find in the list below.

    VISOCOLOR® ECO tests running on the PF-3
    Test VISOCOLOR® ECO Measurement range Test number Version No. of tests REF
    Alkalinity TA 5–250 mg/L CaCO 3 5-04 A 100 931 204
    Chlorine 2, free and total 0.05–2.00 mg/L Cl2 5-15 A 150 931 215
    Free Chlorine 2 0.05–2.00 mg/L Cl2 5-16 A 150 931 216
    Chlorine 6, free and total 0.05–6.00 mg/L Cl2 5-17 A 200 931 217
    Free Chlorine 6 0.05–6.00 mg/L Cl2 5-19 A 400 931 219
    Cyanuric acid 10–100 mg/L Cya 5-23 A 100 931 223
    pH 6.0–8.2 6.10–8.40 5-70 A 150 931 270
    Customer benefits at a glance
    919340_Hand Small and compact

    • Handy and easy to carry
    • Light and mobile
    • Compact dimensions

    Ideal for all your analysis needs in the lab and in the field

    919340_Outdoor_II Strong and tough

    • Glass-fiber reinforced housing
    • Water proof according to IP 67
    • Shock-resistant optics

    Safe results even under the most difficult conditions

    919340_Display Easy and convenient

    • Intuitive operation using just 4 buttons
    • Fully developed menu structure
    • Bright display
    • Open cuvette slot

    Convenient operation without the need for time consuming training

    919340_NanoViso Smart and clever

    • Evaluation of both VISOCOLOR® ECO and NANOCOLOR® tests
    • Results in different units
    • Optional storage for just one 0-measurement
    • Data transfer via USB

    High measurement safety and easy data administration

    919340_USB Safe and flexible

    • Runs on standard or rechargeable batteries
    • Power supply via USB port
    • Optional internal accu-pack chargeable via USB

    Consistent and safe workflow

    919340_Koffer Individual and adaptive

    • Various case solutions including reagents
    • Rugged cases with premium foam inlays
    • Flexible case content for multiple applications

    Convenient operation with the perfect case for your need

    919340_USBinterface Fair and economical

    • Free of charge data export software
    • Add new tests and parameters anytime
    • Cost efficient photometer and reagent bundles

    Consistently fair concept with impressive price-performance ratio

    Technical data
    Type: LED photometer with microprocessor control, self-test and auto calibration
    Optics: LED + interference filters
    Insensitive to external light for quick measurements without cuvette slot cover
    Wavelengths: Depending on version, 3 wavelengths possible
    Version A: 450 nm, 530 nm, 590 nm
    Wavelength accuracy: ± 2 nm, bandwidth at half transmission 10–12 nm
    Number of filters: 3
    Light source: LED
    Detector: Silicon photodiode
    Measuring modes: Pre-programmed tests
    (NANOCOLOR® tube tests and VISOCOLOR® ECO tests)
    Cuvette slot: Tubes 16 mm OD
    Memory: 50 results
    Display: Backlit graphic display, 64 x 128 pix
    All important data at a glance: Result with unit, date, time
    Operation: Self-explanatory menu guidance, plastic foil keypad
    Test selection via parameter lists
    Interface: Mini-USB
    Update: Free of charge via internet / PC
    Operating range: 5–50 °C, up to 90 % rel. humidity
    Power supply: 3 AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, USB interface; optional internal accu-pack
    Housing: Water proof according to IP 67 (30 min, 1 m)
    Dimensions: 170 x 95 x 68 mm
    Weight: 0.5 kg
    Warranty: 2 years
    This device complies with the following directives:
    – 2006/95/EG – Low-Voltage Directive
    – 2004/108/EG – EMC Directive
    Ordering information
    Compact photometer PF-3 version A, in cardboard box, incl. manual, batteries and certificate REF 919 340
    Compact photometer PF-3 version A, in a case with foam inlay, incl. manual, batteries, certificate and accessories REF 934 102
    Mini USB cable for PF-3 REF 919 390
    Accu pack for PF-3 REF 919 391
    Manual for PF-3 REF 919 392
    VISOCOLOR® ECO test instructions for PF-3 REF 934 001

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