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    อุปกรณ์วัด pH (pH meter sealed)

    HI 8424
    pH meter sealed

    The same features that can be found in the most sophisticated tools to microprocessor laboratory, are also found in the portable pH meter HI 8424.
    Thanks to its internal microprocessor, HI 8424 is able to perform a fast and accurate measurements of pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP A) and temperature. When the mV reading reaches the value of 699.9 ±, the resolution automatically switches from 0.1 to 1 mV.
    The pH measurements are automatically compensated for temperature by connecting the probe supplied, or may be manually compensated for special needs. During the automatic calibration, the instrument recognizes the three default values ​​stored calibration (pH 4.01, 7.01, 10.01) and displays them, eliminating any possibility of error. When you turn displays the percentage of remaining battery power.
    Thanks also to the HOLD function you can set the reading on the display to write it down later, you can also set the unit of measurement of the temperature in ° C or ° F, enable or disable sleep mode, the beep of the keyboard and the display backlight. Additional news is an indication of the buffer solutions used in the last calibration.

    Specifications HI 8424
    PH scale -2.00 to 16.00 pH
    MV ± 699.9 mV, ± 1999 mV
    Scale temperature -20.0 to 120.0 ° C / -4.0 to 248.0 ° F
    PH resolution 0.01 pH
    MV resolution 0.1 mV, 1 mV
    Temperature resolution 0.1 ° C / 0.1 ° F
    Accuracy pH (at 20 ° C) ± 0.01 pH
    Accuracy mV (at 20 ° C) ± 0.2 mV ± 1 mV
    Accuracy at 20 ° C temperature ± 0.4 ° C / ± 0.8 ° F
    PH calibration Automatic 1 or 2 points, 3 memorized standard buffers (pH 4.01, 7.01, 10.01); calibration offset ± 1 pH calibration slope: 75 to 110%
    Input Impedance 10 12 Ohm
    Temperature Compensation automatic from -20.0 to 120.0 ° C (-4.0 to 248.0 ° F) or manual without temperature probe
    PH electrode HI 1230B, double junction, gel electrolyte, PEI body, BNC connector, 1 m cable (included)
    Temperature Probe HI 7662, 1 m cable (included)
    Supply 1 x 9V / approximately 150 hours of continuous use, auto-off after 20 minutes of inactivity or disabled (user-selectable)
    Terms of use from 0 to 50 ° C; RH max 100%
    Dimensions and weight 164 x 76 x 45 mm / 180 g

    Accessories HI 8424
    FC 200B PH electrode for food, open junction, gel electrolyte, PVDF body, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    FC 240B PH electrode with open junction, Viscolene, body covered with AISI 316 stainless steel, conical tip, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    HI 1053B Combined pH electrode, refillable, glass body, three porous plugs, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    HI 1083B Combined pH electrode with glass body, Viscolene, open junction, diameter 3 mm, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    HI 1131B Refillable combination pH electrode with glass body, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    HI 1230B Combined pH electrode with plastic body, double junction, gel-filled, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    HI 1330B Combined pH electrode for rechargeable analysis in test tube, glass body, diameter 5 mm, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    HI 1332B Combined pH electrode with plastic body, double junction, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    HI 3230B ORP combination electrode with plastic body, platinum sensor, gel-filled, BNC connector, 1 m cable
    HI 4430B ORP electrode with plastic body, gold sensor, BNC connector
    HI 7004L Solution pH 4.01, 500 mL
    HI 7007L Solution pH 7.01, 500 mL
    HI 7010L Solution pH 10.01, 500 mL
    HI 7021L ORP test solution at 240 mV, 500 mL
    HI 7022L ORP test solution at 470 mV, 500 mL
    HI 70300L Electrode storage solution, 500 mL
    HI 7061L Electrode cleaning solution, general use, 500 mL
    HI 7071 Electrolyte solution 3.5 M KCl + AgCl (4×30 ml)
    HI 7072 1 M KNO3 electrolyte solution (4×30 ml)
    HI 7073L Electrode cleaning solution, proteins, 500 mL
    HI 7074L Electrode cleaning solution, inorganic substances, bottle of 500 ml
    HI 7077L Electrode cleaning solution, oils and fats, bottle of 500 ml
    HI 7091L Reducing pretreatment solution, 500 mL
    HI 7092L Oxidizing pretreatment solution, 500 mL
    HI 710015 Impact resistant silicone blue instrument type HI and HI 8424NEW 981x-x
    HI 710016 Impact resistant silicone orange instrument type and instrument type HI HI 8424NEW 981x-x
    HI 710040 Induction charger for portable type HI 8424
    HI 76405 Electrode stand with steel base
    HI 7662 Thermistor temperature probe
    HI 8427 Simulator for pH and ORP, complete with connecting cables
    HI 931001 Simulator pH and ORP display, complete with coaxial cable HI 7858/1 with BNC connectors

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