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    อุปกรณ์วัด pH (Miniregolatore of pH and CO 2 for aquariums)

    BL 981411AQ

    Miniregolatore of pH and CO 2 for aquariums

    BL 981411AQ is a controller designed for the specific management needs of an aquarium.
    Plants need CO 2 during the day and with the lights on at night and oxygen for breathing. The CO 2 (mg / l) present in the aquarium is in strong correlation with the values ​​of pH and carbonate hardness (usually measured in German degrees dH). Maintaining the water hardness to a level sufficiently stable, it is possible to perform a dosage of carbon dioxide, based on the values ​​of pH. BL 981411AQ allows a continuous monitoring of pH, and, in case of significant changes, dosanre automatically carbon dioxide
    Equipped with differential pH input, the instrument can be connected to the appropriate pH electrode HI 1286 (included) or to another electrode with BNC connector. Measurements are displayed on the large screen of the instrument, while the special status LED indicates to the operator the operating conditions of the regulator.
    BL 981411AQ is equipped with a relay for the assay. You can set a set point for the pH, by choosing to enable the dosage to values ​​that exceed the setpoint or in case of measurements less than the point of sets. The adjustment of the set point, which can be chosen at any point in the range of 0.0 to 14.0 pH, as well as the calibration procedure, are carried out quickly and with great ease thanks to special front trimmers. The instrument is equipped with a 12 Vdc power supply.
    The controller is equipped with a rotary switch on the front panel of the type of control:
    OFF – the relay will not dosa (display only).
    AUTO – the relay dosa when the pH value (SET) exceeded.
    ON – relay dosa ever.
    indication of overdose alerts you when the relay is active for too long, thus indicating a fault.

    Specifications BL 981411AQ
    PH scale 0.0 to 14.0 pH
    PH resolution PH 0.1
    Accuracy pH (at 20 ° C) ± 0.1 pH
    PH calibration manually through trimmers offset
    PH electrode HI 1286 (included)
    Relay dosing 1, max 2A (fuse protected), 250 Vac, 30 Vdc
    Set point adjustable from 0.0 to 14.0 pH
    Overtime adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes
    Input Impedance 10 12 Ohm
    Supply 12 Vdc power adapter (included)
    Dimensions and weight 83 x 53 x 99 mm/200 g
    Dosage selection acid or alkaline: contact open = acid dosage, activated when the reading is> set point; contact closed = alkaline dosage, activated when the reading is <set point

    Accessories BL 981411AQ
    HI 1286 PH electrode for HI 981401N and HI 981402, with double junction, gel-filled, 3 bar maximum pressure, BNC connector, 2 m cable
    HI 7004L Solution pH 4.01, 500 mL
    HI 7007L Solution pH 7.01, 500 mL
    HI 7010L Solution pH 10.01, 500 mL
    HI 70300L Electrode storage solution, 500 mL
    HI 7061L Electrode cleaning solution, general use, 500 mL
    HI 710006 12 Vac adapter Vdc/230
    HI 740146 Brackets for BL 931700 miniregolatori series

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