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    อุปกรณ์วัด pH (Educational pH Tester)

    HI 99104

    Educational pH Tester

    HI 99104 is an ideal pocket tester for educational purposes.

    Designed with a 0.01 pH resolution and two point manual calibration through easy to reach trimmers, it immediately displays pH variations to reflect the smallest change in the sample.

    Unlike conventional testers, HI 99104 has a long and slim stem, ideal for measurements in small samples or test tubes.

    HI 99104 is supplied with a rugged, plastic body electrode with a screw connector that allows for quick and easy electrode replacement.

    Additionally, it’s low power demand allows for 1000 hours of battery life with common 1.5V batteries.


    Range  0.00 to 14.00 pH
    Resolution  0.01 pH
    Accuracy  ±0.2 pH
    Calibration  manual, 2 points
    pH Electrode  HI 1270 (included)
    Battery Type / Life  1.5V (2) / approximately 1000 hours of continuous use
    Environment  0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95%
    Dimensions  200 x 28 x 20 mm (7.9 x 1.1 x 0.8’’)
    Weight  46 g (1.6 oz.)


    HI 1270  Spare Electrode for Checker
    HI 77400P  Combination pH Buffer Kit 4.01 & 7.01 pH, (10) 20 mL Sachets
    HI 70300M  Electrode Storage Solution
    1 x 230 mL bottle
    HI 7061L  General Purpose Cleaning Solution
    1 x 500 mL bottle

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