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    อุปกรณ์วัด pH (Calibration Check™ pH/ORP/Temperature Benchtop Meter with extended pH range)

    HI 2223

    Calibration Check™ pH/ORP/Temperature Benchtop Meter with extended pH range

    A properly manufactured and maintained pH electrode will retain its measuring integrity for a long time. As a result of many factors such as age, poor maintenance or improper handling, any electrode in time will lose its integrity.

    The most common cause for pH measurement inaccuracies is an unclean or improperly cleaned electrode. This is very important to note, because during calibration, the instrument assumes that the electrode is clean and that the standardization curve created during the calibration process will remain a valid reference until the next calibration.

    A dirty electrode or wrong calibration approach can contribute to buffer solution contamination. A contaminated buffer solution can present a major problem during calibration due to the fact that it is considered the only reference.

    The HI 2223 is a pH benchtop meter featuring our exclusive Calibration Check™ diagnostics for both pH?electrodes and buffer solutions during calibration. This instrument compares the characteristics of the pH electrode from one calibration to the next. In the case of large variances in the electrode condition, it alerts the user that the electrode needs to be properly cleaned prior to calibration and measuring.

    The second feature is to detect if the calibration buffer solution is contaminated. After calibration, the probe condition is evaluated and an indicator is displayed informing the user of the overall pH electrode status.

    This meter can measure using ORP electrodes (pH channel input), due to it’s capability to measure mV with a resolution up to 0.1 mV.

    HI 2223 also features five point calibration with seven standard buffers, Automatic Temperature Compensation and GLP capabilities that allow for the storage and retrieval of all data regarding pH. With a built-in logging function, measurements are stored in non volatile memory and can be transferred to a PC through the USB port. Users can manually log up to 200 records and interval log up to 500 records.


    Range  pH  –2.00 to 16.00 pH; –2.000 to 16.000 pH
    mV  ±999.9 mV; ±2000 mV
    Temperature  – 20.0 to 120.0 °C
    Resolution  pH  0.01 pH; 0.001 pH
    mV  0.1mV(± 999.9mV); 1mV(± 2000mV)
    Temperature  0.1 °C
    Accuracy  pH  ±0.01 pH; ±0.002 pH
    mV  ±0.2mV(± 999.9mV);
    Temperature  ± 0.2 °C (excluding probe error)
    pH Calibration  Up to 5 point calibration, 7 standard buffers available (1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45)
    Temperature Compensation
    Manual or automatic from -20 to 120°C
    Temperature Probe  HI 1131P glass body, single junction, refillable with BNC connection and 1 m (3.3′) Cable HI 7662 stainless steel probe
    PC Connection  USB
    Data Logging  500 points
    Dimensions  235 x 222 x 109 mm (9.2 x 8.7 x 4.3″)
    Weight  1.3 kg (2.9 lb.)


    HI 1131P  Refillable, Combination pH Electrode for the Laboratory and Beer Testing
    BNC + pin Connection
    HI 70300L  Electrode Storage Solution
    1 x 500 mL bottle
    HI 7004L  4.01 pH Buffer Solution
    1 x 500 mL bottle
    HI 7007L  7.01 pH Buffer Solution
    1 x 500 mL bottle
    HI 7010L  10.01 pH Buffer Solution
    1 x 500 mL bottle
    HI 92000  Windows® Compatible Software
    HI 76404N  Electrode Holder for HI 42xx Type Bench Meters
    HI 7662  Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
    ORP Calibration Solutions
    HI 7091L  Reducing Pretreatment Solution
    1 x 500 mL bottle
    HI 7092L  Oxidizing Pretreatment Solution
    1 x 500 mL bottle

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