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    อุปกรณ์วัด Mini Controller (In-line pH and ORP system for pools, spas and waterparks)

    HI 2500ORP

    In-line pH and ORP system for pools, spas and waterparks

    HANNA’s HI 2500 ORP is a reliable, easy to install in-line pH and ORP system for pools, spas and waterparks. Designed to provide a continuous monitoring of the pH of pools and sanitation activity via ORP. The HI 2500 can be ordered completely assembled or with just the controllers and pumps. 

    The importance of pH: Maintaining a swimming pools’ pH level within the 7.2 to 7.6 range helps keep the water safe for swimmers, as it decreases the chance of algae growth and corrosion. Low pH levels result in the pool water being too acidic. Low pH levels can cause a loss of chlorine in the water, as chlorine typically evaporates quickly when added to acidic water. High pH levels result in the water being too alkaline. An excessively high pH level in pool water causes carbonates to combine with calcium in the water. An increase in calcium carbonates can be responsible for creating cloudy water that may also lead to burning in a swimmer’s eyes and nose.

    The importance of ORP: ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. ORP is the only practical measurement to monitor the effectiveness of a pools sanitizer which is most commonly Chlorine or Bromine. Having an effective sanitation system helps eliminate unwanted algae and bacteria. ORP measurements are read in millivolts (mV) and are based on the potential difference between a platinum or gold electrode with a reference. Most data shows that water having an ORP value equal to or higher than 650mV are within accepted range for pool and spa waters.

    Call Hanna Instruments to learn how the HI 2500 ORP can 
    provide the control you need for your pool or spa.

    • Continuous Control or monitor the pH of pool or spa water

    • Continuous control or monitoring of pool sanitation via ORP 

    • Simple probe connections for fast and tool free maintenance 


    Includes a Checker (HI 701) for Free Chlorine

    • Peristaltic pump capacity:
    2.1 liters per hour (1.17 oz per minute)
    • Ranges: pH: 1.00-14.0, ORP: 0-1000 mV

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