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    อุปกรณ์วัด Control System (Combination PEI-body pH Electrode with BNC connection and 5 m cable)

    HI 1210B/5

    Combination PEI-body pH Electrode with BNC connection and 5 m cable

    Combination PEI-body pH electrode with BNC connection and 5 m cable.

    •BNC connector
    •Submersion and in-line installation capability
    •PEI and glass body

    HANNA offers a wide range of combination pH and ORP electrodes specifically designed for needs of industrial users.

    In order to reduce contamination problems, all electrodes are gel or polymer filled and feature double-junction technology.

    The BNC connector allows quick and easy connection to any pH/ORP meter or transmitter. In addition to the BNC connection, select models offer a ¾” UNF thread for secure in-line installation.

    PEI and glass body electrodes are available. PEI bodied electrodes are rugged and suitable for applications in which the capability to resist stress is needed. Glass bodied electrodes are easier to clean and recommended for use in aggressive chemicals.

    All pH and ORP electrodes can be mounted with the HANNA in-line and submersion assemblies.


    Body Material  PEI
    Junction  double, PTFE
    Electrolyte  polymer
    Temperature  -5 to 80°C
    Max Pressure  3 bar (43.5 psi)
    Connector  BNC
    Cable  5 m

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