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    อุปกรณ์วัด Control System (AmpHel General Purpose pH Electrode with PEI body and 5 m cable)

    HI 2910B/5

    AmpHel General Purpose pH Electrode with PEI body and 5 m cable

    AmpHel general purpose pH electrode with PEI body and 5 m cable.

    •Strong signal up to 75 meters (246’)
    •Low noise coaxial cables are no longer required
    •Measurements in unclean samples and high humidity conditions
    •Models with external replaceable battery, for longer electrode life
    •Glass sensor for specific applications

    Due to the high resistance of the glass membrane, conventional electrodes require a high impedance measurement system. Inadequate insulation of the connectors and cables result in erroneous readings due to leakage or noise. For conventional electrodes, the lead is therefore limited to typically less than 15-20 meters. HANNA AmpHel® electrodes incorporate a miniaturized amplifier which resolves most of the problems associated with high impedance signals. The amplifier circuitry is located right on top of the electrode and is completely sealed. As a result, a strong, low impedance signal is emitted and ordinary connectors with long unshielded cables can be used. This breakthrough technology provides a stable signal for industrial monitoring as well as a major saving in low noise coaxial cable costs. In some cases, the need for a transmitter is also eliminated, resulting in further cost reductions.

    For those applications that have been proven particularly hostile to electrodes, HANNA  has developed four types of specialized glass. First is an extremely durable sensor glass for general purpose and industrial use. This glass can withstand the stress of daily use. The remaining types of electrode glass allow continuous monitoring in highly acidic solutions containing fluoride ions, as well as high or low temperature process streams, without significantly reducing the useful life of the electrode.

    Electrode body material is glass or PEI, while the junction is cloth or PTFE.

    Body  PEI
    Junction  cloth
    Electrolyte  gel
    Glass Type  general purpose
    Temperature  -5 to 80°C
    Max Pressure  3 bar (43.5 psi)
    Connection  BNC
    Cable  5 m
    Battery  internal

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