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    อุปกรณ์วัด Conductivity/TDS (Conductivity Meter for Demineralized Water with manual calibration)

    HI 983305-01

    Conductivity Meter for Demineralized Water
    with manual calibration


    • Specifically designed for demineralization and deionization applications
    • Water resistant enclosure
    • External 12 VDC power supply for continuous monitoring
    • Selectable setpoint and LED alarm
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation
    • Molded hook for easy installation


    HI 983305-01 is specifically designed for use in demineralized and deionized water.

    When placed at the output of any demineralization system, the visual alarm will be activated once the demineralizing equipment is exhausted. This exclusive feature will ensure maximum system efficiency with minimum investment. 

    This meter measures 0 to 19.99 µS/cm and comes with an alarm relay.

    HI 983305-01 is supplied with an HI 7631/2 direct 2-pin probe with 2 m (6.6′) cable and a ½” thread for flow-thru mounting. This probe is also equipped with a temperature sensor to automatically compensate measurements against temperature changes from 5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F).

    When operating in the measurement mode, HI 983305-01’s red LED will alert the user as soon as the reading is 1 µS/cm over the setpoint and it can be connected to any external device.




    Order Information:
    HI 983305-01 (115V) and HI 983305-01 (230V) are supplied with HI 7631/2 EC/TDS probe, calibration screwdriver, 12 VDC adapter and instructions.

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