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    อุปกรณ์วัด ออกซิเจนละลาย (COD Oximeter with galvanic sensor and backlit display, cable 4 meters)

    HI 9147-04
    Oximeter with galvanic sensor and backlit display, cable 4 meters

    Oxycheck is a portable meter DO water resistant to manual calibration; possesses a fixed probe and executes the compensation of temperature and salinity.
    HI 9147-04 has an inductive system of charging the battery which prevents any possible infiltration of water.
    DO readings are automatically compensated for the effects of temperature data on the solubility of oxygen and on the membrane permeability, thanks to the internal sensors to the probe. The salinity compensation allows to determine the DO even in salt water and can also be used as altitude compensation.
    The instrument is constructed with sturdy water resistant material which makes it suitable both to measurements in the field or in the lab.
    probe is equipped with a galvanic sensor that, unlike the polarographic, no need for times of polarization when the instrument.

    HI 9147N Series Specifications
    DO scale from 0.0 to 50.0 mg / l (ppm)
    DO Resolution 0.1 mg / l (ppm)
    Accuracy DO ± 1% of reading
    DO% saturation scale from 0 to 600%
    Resolution% saturation DO 1%
    Accuracy% saturation DO (at 20 ° C) ± 1% of reading
    Scale temperature -5.0 to 50.0 ° C
    Temperature resolution 0.1 ° C
    Accuracy at 20 ° C temperature ± 0.2 ° C
    DO calibration Manual, in saturated air
    Temperature Compensation automatic, -5.0 to 50.0 ° C
    Salinity Compensation manual from 0 to 51 g / l (resolution 1 g / l)
    Altitude compensation manual from 0 to 4000 m (100 m resolution)
    DO probe HI 76409/4 with galvanic sensor, 4 m cable
    Supply 3 1.5V AAA / approximately 1000 hours of use (without backlight)
    Terms of use from 0 to 50 ° C; RH max 95%
    Dimensions and weight 185 x 72 x 36/450 g

    Accessories HI 9147N Series
    HI 7042S Solution for galvanic DO probe HI 76409 series (30 ml)
    HI 731326 Calibration screwdriver (20 pcs.)
    HI 76409-0 Protection for probes type HI 76409
    HI 76409/10 DO probe for HI 9147, 10m cable
    HI 76409/4 DO probe for HI 9147, 4 m cable
    HI 76409A Spare diaphragm for HI 76409 probes series (5 pcs.)

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