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    อุปกรณ์วัด ออกซิเจนละลาย (COD DO Probe with Protective Sleeve, 4 m cable)

    HI 76407/4F

    DO Probe with Protective Sleeve, 4 m cable

    Perfect for laboratory and field applications, HANNA HI 76407 F Series DO probes are extremely rugged with a screw on protective sleeve. Calibration is fast and simple, and measurements are temperature compensated. The sensitive PTFE membrane can be changed in a few seconds.

    HI 7040L Zero Oxygen Solution
    HI 7041S Refilling Electrolyte Solution, 30 mL
    HI 7041M Refilling Electrolyte Solution, 230 mL
    HI 7041L Refilling Electrolyte Solution, 500 mL
    HI 76407A/P Membranes for DO Probes

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