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    อุปกรณ์วัด ออกซิเจนละลาย (COD Oximeter professional bench with data storage and PC connection)

    HI 2400-02
    Oximeter professional bench with data storage and PC connection

    For measurements of dissolved oxygen in the laboratory, HANNA Instruments HI 2400 offers indispensable for analysis of pharmaceuticals and food products, such as the control for the monitoring of wastewater treatment plants.
    With this tool the user can decide whether to measure the concentration of oxygen dissolved in mg / l or saturation percentage. This oximeter is suitable for any type of laboratory and any type of water, given that in addition to temperature compensation, it is possible to compensate for altitude and salinity; thus appears to be a very efficient in a reality academic or research in which one wants to obtain repeatable data and comparable with other research laboratories.
    Selectable storage interval Thank you perform lengthy analysis that will be saved in non-volatile memory of the instrument and then download them later on a PC for processing through USB port; the maximum capacity of the memory is 8000 data.
    Calibration of HI 2400 is automatic, 1 or 2 points (at 0 and 100% oxygen saturation).
    probe with which the oximeter is provided is a sensor polarographic type and uses simple chemical reaction between O2 and Ag This reaction generates a current which is then detected by the instrument.

    Specifiche HI 2400-02

    Scala D.O. da 0.00 a 45.00 mg/l (ppm)
    Risoluzione D.O. 0.01 mg/l (ppm)
    Precisione D.O. ±1.5% f.s.
    Scala % saturazione D.O. da 0.0 a 300.0 %
    Risoluzione % saturazione D.O. 0.1%
    Precisione % saturazione D.O. (a 20°C) ±1.5% f.s.
    Scala temperatura da 0.0 a 50.0°C
    Risoluzione temperatura 0.1°C
    Precisione a 20°C temperatura ±0.2°C
    Calibrazione D.O. automatica, 1 o 2 punti a 0% e 100%
    Compensazione altitudine da 0 a 4000 m (con risoluzione 100 m)
    Compensazione salinità da 0 a 40 g/l (con risoluzione 1 g/l)
    Compensazione Temperatura automatica, da 0.0 a 50.0°C
    Sonda D.O. HI 76407/2 con 2 metri di cavo (inclusa)
    Memorizzazione automatica 1, 15, 30 secondi o 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120, 180 minuti
    Interfacce USB
    Alimentazione adattatore a 12 Vdc
    Condizioni d’uso da 0 a 50°C; U.R. max 95%
    Dimensioni e peso 235 x 222 x 109 mm / 1.1 kg


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