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    อุปกรณ์วัดความชื้นสัมพัทธ์ (HYGROCHECK® Relative Humidity Tester)

    HI 98601

    HYGROCHECK® Relative Humidity Tester

    Pocket-Sized for Easy Transport

    The HANNA HYGROCHECK® uses the advanced TFPC* sensing method to measure humidity and an integrated electronic circuit to perform all relative conversions. This method of Relative Humidity measurement assures a quick and accurate readings. With a complete measurement range of 10% to 90% RH and an accuracy of 3% across the entire range, HYGROCHECK® is the most complete and versatile pocket-sized Hygrometer available!

    Most hygrometers on the market are too large or heavy to be carried around with other instruments for on-the-spot testing. The pocket-sized HYGROCHECK® is only 180 x 30 x 15 mm (7.1 x 1.2 x 0.6″) and weighs just 62 grams (2.2 oz.). This compact, rugged unit will slip right into your pocket to be carried anywhere!

    The housing is constructed of durable ABS material and the LCD is protected behind a transparent plastic cover. The LCD displays the RH reading which can be read from any angle. Also, a vented cap protects the sensor while allowing maximum airflow for fast response.

    No Conversions Necessary

    Unlike traditional hygrometers, HANNA’s HYGROCHECK® performs all relative conversions electronically. NO charts, NO estimating, NO broken thermometers, NO human error! This unit measures RH in seconds without the limitations associated with traditional hygrometers.

    (*Thin Film Polymer Capacitance)


    Range  10.0 to 90.0% RH
    Resolution  0.1% RH
    Accuracy  ±3% F.S.
    Response Time  Up to 20 seconds for 95% accuracy
    Battery Type / Life  1.5V (3)/ approximately 100 hours of continuous use
    Environment  0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95%
    Dimensions  180 x 30 x 15 mm (7.1 x 1.2 x 0.6)
    Weight  62 g (2.2 oz.)

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