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    อุปกรณ์วัดความชื้นสัมพัทธ์ (Thermohygrometer with Dew Point and Calibration Data-Logging Probe)

    HI 9565

    Thermohygrometer with Dew Point and Calibration Data-Logging Probe

    HI 9565 is a portable thermohygrometer designed to provide peak performance in harsh environments. For poorly lit areas the HI 9565 features a backlit LCD.

    In addition to RH and temperature, HI 9565 will display the dew point with the press of a button. The dew point indicates the presence of water vapor in the air at a given temperature. With this feature HI 9565 permits quick and effective environmental monitoring where a controlled microclimate is necessary, like greenhouses, museums, clean rooms
    and laboratories.

    This instrument also features a HOLD button to freeze readings on the display for manual recording and BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) which alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings.

    HI 70602 RH probe features a built-in microchip that can store calibration data. When the probe is connected to another hygrometer, the microchip transfers the stored calibration data and eliminates the need to recalibrate the instrument.

    HI 9565 features auto-off after 20 minutes of inactivity, temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and online help to indicate anomalies and direct procedures.


    Range RH 20.0 to 95.0%
    Temperature 0.0 to 60.0°C (32 to 140°F)
    Dew Point -20.0 to 60.0°C / -4.0 to 140.0°F
    Resolution RH 0.1% RH
    Temperature 0.1°C / 0.1°F
    Dew Point 0.1°C / 0.1°F
    Accuracy RH ±3 % RH (50 to 85 % RH and 15 to 40°C); ±5% RH (outside)
    Temperature ±0.5°C / ±1°F
    Dew Point ±2°C /±4°F (50 to 85 % RH and 15 to 40°C); ±4.5°C /±9°F (outside)
    Probe  HI 70602 RH probe with thin, ABS body, perforated cap, internal temperature sensor with DIN connector and 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)
    Battery Type / Life  9V / approximately 250 hours of continuous use; auto-off after 20 minutes of non-use (can be disabled)
    Environment  0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F); RH max 98% non-condensing
    Dimensions  164 x 76 x 45 mm (6.5 x 3 x 1.8)
    Weight  340 g (12 oz.)


    HI 710015  Shockproof Silicone Boot
    HI 8424 Style Casing, Blue
    HI 710016   Shockproof Silicone Boot
    HI 8424 Style Casing, Orange
    HI 70602    Relative Humidity Probe, 1 m cable

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