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    HI 84431

    Total Titratable Low to High Alkalinity Titrator

    User-friendly interface
    Dedicated HELP key
    Simple to operate
    Log on demand up to 100 samples (50 for pH; 50 for titration)
    GLP features
    One, two or three point calibration
    pH temperature compensation

    The HI 84431 is a dedicated mini titrator and pH meter designed for low to high levels of alkalinity. It utilizes an electrometric titration with a pH electrode to determine the total titratable alkalinity in water. Titrant is slowly added to the sample solution the pH and temperature are carefully monitored. The software analyzes the resulting pH curve and determines the volume of titrant required to reach the endpoint. The user can choose either 8.3 pH (known as phenolphthalein alkalinity) or 4.5 pH (known as bromcresol green alkalinity as endpoints).

    The dispensed titrant volume is used to automatically calculate the water alkalinity, which can be displayed in mg/L CaCO3 or meq/L.  Titrations are conducted using the low range reagent HI 84431-50 (10 to 500 mg/L as CaCO3) or the high range reagent HI 84431-51
    (400 to 4000 mg/L as CaCO3).

    Order Information:
    HI 84431-01 (115V) and HI 84431-02 (230V) are supplied with HI 84431-50 titrant solution low range (100 mL), HI 84431-51 titrant high range (100 mL) and HI 84431-55M pump calibration solution (230 mL).


    Range Total Titratable Alkalinity
    (Very Low/Ultra Low Range) mg/L: 10.0 – 500.0 mg/L as CaCO3
    meq/L : 0.3 – 10.0 meq/L
    Total Titratable Alkalinity (HR) mg/L: 400 – 4000 mg/L as CaCO3
    meq/L : 8 – 80 meq/L
    pH -2.0 to 16.0 pH / -2.00 to 16.00 pH
    Temperature -20.0 to 120.0 °C (-4.0 to 248.0 °F)
    Resolution Total Titratable Alkalinity (VL/UL) 0.1 mg/L; 0.1 meq/L
    Total Titratable Alkalinity (HR) 1 mg/L; 1 meq/L
    pH 0.1 pH / 0.01 pH
    Temperature 0.1 °C
    (@25ºC) Titratable Alkalinity (VL/UL) 5% of reading
    Titratable Alkalinity (HR) 5% of reading
    pH ± 0.01 pH
    Temperature ±0.4 °C without probe error
    Titration Method   acid-base titration (total alkalinity)
    Titration Principle   endpoint titration: 4.5 pH / 8.3 pH
    Pump Volume   0.5 mL/min
    Stirring Speed   600 rpm
    pH Temperature   manual or automatic from: -20 to 120 °C (-4 to 248 °F)
    Logging Titration up to 50 samples
    pH up to 50 samples
    pH Calibration   one, two or three point calibration; three available buffers (4.01; 8.30; 10.01)
    pH Electrode   HI 1131B glass body pH electrode with BNC connector and 1 m (3.3’) cable
    Temperature Probe   HI 7662-M stainless steel temperature probe with 1 m (3.3’) cable(included)
    Environment   0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F); max 95% RH non-condensing
    Power Supply   12 VDC power adapter
    Dimensions   208 × 214 × 163 mm (8.2 × 8.4 × 6.4”) (with beaker)
    Weight   2200 g (77 oz.)




    HI 84431-50 Titrant Solution for Low Range Alkalinity
    HI 84431-51 Titrant Solution for High Range Alkalinity
    HI 84431-55M Pump Calibration Solution
    HI 70483T Replacement Tubing Set
    HI 731319 Micro Stir Bars for Magnetic Stirrers
    HI 731342 2000 µL Graduated Pipette
    HI 731352 Plastic Tip Set for 2000 µL Graduated Pipette
    HI 731341 1000 µL Graduated Pipette
    HI 731351 Plastic Tip Set for 1000 µL Graduated Pipette
    Reagents & Standards
    HI 84431-70 Reagents Kit for Low and High Range Alkalinity
    HI 84431-71 Reagents Kit for Low Range Alkalinity
    HI 84431-72 Reagents Kit for High Range Alkalinity

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