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    อุปกรณ์การไทเทรต (HI 903 automatic titration system)

    HI 903

    Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

    Dosing system capable of providing accurate individual dosages up to 0125 l of titrant
    Measuring the water content from 100 ppm to 100%
    Food and Beverage • Pharmaceutical • Cosmetics • Production • Chemical and petrochemical solvents

    Metering system titrant high precision
    metering pump • 40,000 steps
    • Dosages up to 0125? l titrant
    • Accuracy 0.1% of the burette volume
    • 5 ml burette glass high-precision piston PTFE tubes Burette with PTFE sleeves polyurethane jacketed (thermal insulation and light)
    • Toe dispenser glass Antidiffusion
    • Automatic dosing dynamic
    • Clip-Lock ™ system for the rapid replacement of the burette Metering System solvent sealed • Replacement of solvent KF in seconds, without opening the titration cell • Minimize exposure to water vapor, reducing the consumption of titrant and saving time • PTFE tubing, solvent resistant and KF titrant more corrosive Top of the titration cell • Plug of the container and chemically resistant connections • Rapid removal of the cap of the sample container with replaceable septum silicone rubber mixture of the correct titrant and analyte • Digital system with magnetic stirring with optical feedback • cell titration conical to facilitate the mixture of large sample volumes • Dosage titration in the area of high turbulence • Dosage upwards of titrant to ensure a rapid response • Prevents unwanted disclosure of titrant built-in stirrer Magnetic stirrer • Integrated automatic, adjustable from 200 to 2000 RPM • Visual feedback for the automatic speed control • Available external mixer (optional) Desiccant indicating charging • Prevents the ingress of moisture into the sealed system of the solvent, maintaining the full functionality of the titrator • Minimize changes to the title of titrant • Indicates when the absorption capacity is exhausted • is regenerated at 150 ° C of the bottle caps with PTFE • The PTFE stoppers fit any standard bottle thread GL45 • Plugs and fittings resistant to harsh chemicals • The desiccants allow pressure compensation, preventing the entry of humidity up to 100 methods • Supports up to 100 titration methods (standard and user definable) • Database up to 20 titrants • Methods fully customizable to fit any application Flexible and accurate detection of the end point Titration • polarizable electrode with double pin in platinum, for indication bivoltametrica Easy to use • Color LCD display with backlight, 320 x 240 pixels • Membrane keyboard: numeric keypad, function buttons and multifunction arrow keys • Intuitive interface • Help online context-sensitive • Ability to self-diagnosis devices including pumps, valves, burettes and shakers Data Management • The results are displayed directly in the units selected • The graphs of the titration can be displayed on the LCD screen and saved in bitmap format • Compatible with all GLP data management program that already exists. The user can easily record all necessary GLP information, including sample identification, company name, operator, date, time, code and electrode calibration information • Reports titration customized by the user, can be printed, saved to a thumb drive, transfer to your PC or other titrator using the USB input • Reminder for the aging of the titrant and the calibration expiration RS232 port for balance • To automatically obtain the total mass or volume of the sample Front USB port • PC connection • Software updates • Transfer of files and data using pen drive


    Scale from 100 ppm up to 100% water
    Resolution 1 ppm (0.0001%)
    Unit %, Ppm, mg / g,? G / g, mg,? G, mg / mL,? G / mL, mg / pc? G / pc
    Type of sample liquid or solid
    Conditioning pre-titration automatic
    Drift correction Automatic or user selectable
    Choice of the end point Fixed mV persistent, stop drift relative or absolute
    Dosage dynamic speed with the pre-dosing optional
    Statistics mean, standard deviation
    Dosing pump 40.000 Step (Resolution 0125 l)
    Precision dosing ± 0.1% of the total volume of the burette
    Syringe 5 ml high precision piston with PTFE
    Valve motor 3/2 way, all materali in contact with liquids are PTFE
    Tubes PTFE with locking system and thermal insulation
    Dispensing tip glass, in a fixed position, anti-diffusion
    Measuring cell conical with working volume from 50 to 150 ml
    Treatment system of the solvent possibility of addition or removal of the solvent exhausted without opening the titration cell
    Electrode HI 76320D: two-pin polarizable electrode with BNC connector Platinum; bias current: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 uA, scale voltage: 2 mV to 1000 mV voltage resolution: 0.1 mV , accuracy (@ 25 º C/77 º F): ± 0.1 mV
    Stirring system adjusted optically, digital, magnetic stirring from 200 to 2000 RPM with resolution of 100 RPM
    Display Color graphic LCD, 320 x 240 pixels
    Titration methods up to 100 methods (standard and custom)
    Retention up to 100 titles. Drift velocity and reports can be stored
    Interfaces USB drive: USB drives integrated that allows you to store and transfer of pre-programmed methods, methods personalized accounts of the titration and files for software updates
    Peripherals connections for monitor, keyboard, PC, printer, USB interface, interface to outside agitators, RS232 port for balance analytical laboratory
    GLP ability to store and print data
    Terms of use from 10 to 40 ° C, up to 95% RH
    Supply 220 Vac, 50-60Hz
    Dimensions and weight 390 x 350 x 380 mm / 10 kg with a pump and agitator


    HI 76320D Electrode for Karl Fischer double platinum pin
    HI 900100 Pump for titrator
    HI 900180 Pump solvent (HI903)
    HI 900205 5 ml syringe for titrator
    HI 900260 3-way valve for titrator
    HI 900505 5 ml burette with assembly kit (syringe, suction tubes, pipes dosing) for KF titrator
    HI 900520 Assembly kit beaker KF titrator HI903
    HI 900522 Beaker for KF titrator HI903
    HI 900523 Tip for dose titration, 2 pcs. (HI903)
    HI 900527 Septum to the titrator, 5 pcs. (HI903)
    HI 900528 Connectors for dosing solvent, 2 pcs (HI903) (HI903)
    HI 900530 Kit assembly cap and fittings for titrant bottle (HI903)
    HI 900531 Kit assembly and fittings for bottle cap or solvent residues (HI903)
    HI 900532 Desiccant cartridge for Beaker or Titrant (HI903)
    HI 900533 Desiccant cartridge for solvent residues or (HI903)
    HI 900534 Bottle for the collection of the residue (HI903)
    HI 900535 Pump tubes for solvent, 2 pcs. (HI903)
    HI 900536 Tubes for air pump, 2 pcs. (HI903)
    HI 900540 Set of O-rings (HI903)
    HI 900570 Suction hose with fittings (HI903)
    HI 900580 Dosing tube with fittings (HI903)
    HI 900930 RS232 cable for PC connection

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