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    ชุดทดสอบไฮโดรเจนเปอร์ออกไซด์ในน้ำ (0.00-2.00, 0.0-10.0 ppm.)

    HI 3844

    Hydrogen Peroxide – Range (0.00-2.00 mg/L) (0.0-10.0 mg/L)

    As a disinfectant or a bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide finds applications in water treatment, textile, pulp and paper industries.

    HI 3844 determines hydrogen peroxide concentrations in water up to 10 mg/L (ppm) and is unaffected by the presence of stabilizing substances.


    Method   Titration
    Range   0.00-2.00 mg/L
    0.0-10.0 mg/L
    Smallest Increment   0.25 mg/L
    1.0 mg/L
    Chemical Method   Iodometric
    Number of Tests   approx. 100
    Weight   450 g




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