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    ชุดทดสอบไนไตรท์ในน้ำ (0.0 – 0.10 ppm.)

    VISOCOLOR® HE NitritePrinciple:
    High sensitivity colorimetry with comparator block and colour comparison disc

    • visual evaluation
    • environment-friendly, without toxic reagents
    • economically priced
    • convenient handling
    • highest accuracy due to extremely narrow gradation
    • highest sensitivity down to 0.002 mg/l due to longer
    • measuring tubes
    • reagent bottles with clear dosing instructions
    • compensation of turbidities and colours
    • refill packs available

    Colorimetric determination of nitrite

    In acidic solution sulphanilic acid or sulphanilamide are diazotised with nitrite. The diazonium salt is then coupled with an aromatic amine, forming an intensely coloured azo dye. Organic colloids, chlorine, humic acids and coloured heavy metal ions interfere.(Reaction principle analogous to APHA 4500-NO2B, EPA 35.1, DIN EN 26777-D10)

    Data and ordering information
    Cat. No. 920 063
    Type high sensitive test kit

    0.0 · 0.005 · 0.010 · 0.015 · 0.02 · 0.03 ·
    0.04 · 0.06 · 0.08 · 0.10 mg/l NO2

    Sufficient for 150 determinations
    Shelf life at least 24 months
    Sea water suitability


    Detectable with PF-11 no

    In surface waters nitrite ions are generally present in low concentrations. Their presence in ground water is less common. In waste waters nitrite frequently occurs, even in fairly high concentrations.


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