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    ชุดทดสอบแอซิดิตี้ในน้ำ (0 -100 ppm.,0 -500 ppm.)

    HI 3820

    Acidity – Range (0-100 mg/L) (0-500 mg/L)

    Acidity can be caused by mineral or organic acids, or by carbon dioxide as carbonic acid. Acidity of aqueous solutions contributes to corrosiveness and influences the rate of biological processes. For these reasons acidity is monitored in fish farming, soil testing, environmental testing, treated waste water discharge, lakes and rivers. The Total Exchangeable Acidity (TEA) measures the total amount of soil acidifiers (hydrogen, aluminum, iron and manganese) in meq/100g unit, equivalent to 1000 parts per 100g of soil. A high value of total exchangeable acidity means a low soil pH level. Soil with high acidity can damage some crops.


    Method   Titration
    Range   0-100 mg/L
    0-500 mg/L
    Smallest Increment   1 mg/L
    5 mg/L
    Chemical Method   Methyl-orange/Phenolphthalein
    Number of Tests   approx. 110
    Weight   910 g


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