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    ชุดทดสอบแมกนีเซียมในน้ำ(0.0-240.0 mg/L) (0.0-725.0 mg/L)

    HI 38079
    Magnesium Test Kit for Irrigation Water

    Product Description:

    By using the HI 38079 HANNA test kit, it is possible to differentiate between calcium and magnesium, since the kit determines only the magnesium ions.

    The HANNA test kit determines magnesium in irrigation water via a titrimetric method. Calcium, if present, is removed by prior filtration. Then the indicator chelates with magnesium to form a red colored complex; as EDTA is added, magnesium complexes with it: the reaction endpoint is indicated by a change in color of the indicator from red to blue.

    Order Information:

    HI 38079 test kit comes with 25 mL buffer reagent, 100 packets oxalate reagent, 120 mL ETDA solution, 100 mL buffer solution, 10 mL calmagite indicator, demineralizer bottle with filter cap for 12 L, 20 mL calibrated vessel, 50 mL calibrated vessel, large funnel and 100 paper filter discs.


    Method           Titration
    Range           0.0-240.0 mg/L
    0.0-725.0 mg/L
    Smallest Increment           2.4 mg/L
    7.3 mg/L
    Chemical Method           EDTA
    Number of Tests           approx. 100
    Weight           873 g

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