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    ชุดทดสอบแคลเซียม,แมกนีเชียมในดิน(>0.0 meq/100 g)

    HI 38080
    Calcium and Magnesium Test Kit for Soil

    Product Description:

    Hardness in water is mainly due to the presence of Calcium and Magnesium ions and each contributes to the amount of total hardness. Monitoring and controlling hardness is instrumental in order to prevent scaling and corrosion.

    The HI 38080 test kit extracts calcium and magnesium from soil in acidic medium and then determines them via a titrimetric method. The indicator chelates with the calcium and magnesium ions to form a red colored complex. As EDTA is added, calcium and magnesium complex with it, and the reaction endpoint is indicated by a change in color of the indicator from red to blue.

    Order Information:

    HI 38080 test kit comes with 100 mL buffer solution, 10 mL calmagite solution, 120 mL EDTA solution, 50 mL calibrated vessel, 3 mL plastic pipette, 1 mL plastic pipette and 1 mL syringe with tip.


    Method           Titration
    Range           >0.0 meq/100 g
    Smallest Increment           1.5 meq/100 g
    Chemical Method           EDTA
    Number of Tests           approx. 100
    Weight           336 g

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