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    ชุดทดสอบเอ็นพีเค,พีเอชในดิน (Professional Agriculture Test Kit)

    HI 3896

    Agriculture Test Kit, Professional

    In agricultural applications, monitoring the quality of the soil is extremely important for the healthy growth of crops. The pH level is an excellent guide as to which plants may thrive in a particular terrain, as well as indicating which conditioners and fertilizers to use.HANNA®‘ combination test kits allow you to test not only for pH, but for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as well, which are all important for the quality of soil.

    HI 3895 and HI 3896 are very easy to use: A soil sample is diluted in water and combined with one of the chemical reagents supplied with the kit. The result is a colored solution which is compared to the chart provided to determine the concentration of the element being tested. The concentration is given in easily-understood ranges of low, medium and high traces.

    The professional HI 3896 kit is supplied with an extraction solution which facilitates the precipitation of suspended solids so that measurements can be taken immediately.

    HI 3895 comes with all the necessary components for 10 tests. HI 3896 provides for 25 tests and includes a useful guide to measurement.

    Order Information:
    HI 3896 provides for 25 tests and includes a useful guide to measurement.


    Dimensions   235 x 176 x 117 mm (9.2 x 6.9 x 4.6″)
    Weight   710 g (1.6 lb.)

    Multi Parameter Chemical Test Kit Specifications

    Parameter Range Method Smallest Increment Chemical Method Number Of Test
    Nitrogen traces, low, medium, high Colorimetric N/A Ned 25
    pH 4 to 9 pH (1 pH increments) Colorimetric N/A pH Indicator 25
    Phosporus traces, low, medium, high Colorimetric N/A Ascorbic Acid 25
    Potassium traces, low, medium, high Turbidimetric N/A Tetraphenylborate 25
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