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    ชุดทดสอบอะลูมิเนียม Tube Test (0.02 – 0.70 mg/L Al3+)

    NANOCOLOR® Aluminium

    Photometric determination of aluminium
    Photometric determination with eriochrome cyanine R. In weakly acidic solution aluminum ions react with eriochrome cyanine R to form a red-violet colored complex.
    Strongly acidic and buffered samples have to be adjusted to pH 6. Turbid solutions have to be filtered (membrane filters 0.45 µm, REF 916 50).

    Data and ordering information
    REF 985 098
    Type tube test 0-98
    Range 0.02 – 0.70 mg/L Al3+
    Sufficient for 19 determinations
    Shelf life at least 1 year
    Sea water siutability yes

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