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    ชุดทดสอบน้ำยาหล่อเย็น 6 in1 (อัลคาลินิตี้,คลอไรด์,ออกซิเจนละลาย,ความกระด้าง,ฟอสเฟต,ซัลไฟต์)

    HI 3821

    Cooling and Boiler Combination Test Kit

    Heating systems and cooling towers require constant monitoring in order to function efficiently.

    The correct equilibrium of the most important chemical parameters such as alkalinity, chloride, dissolved oxygen, hardness, phosphate and sulfite must be maintained.

    This guarantees the maximum efficiency of the system and prevents costly damage that can occur as a result of corrosion to metal parts

    HANNA®‘ combination test kit, HI 3821, includes all the necessary reagents to test these parameters. The kit allows you to perform over 100 tests for each parameter (50 for phosphate). All reagent bottles are numerically coded for ease of operation and will allow you to avoid mistakes.


    Dimensions   440 x 330 x 100 mm (17.3 x 13.0 x 3.9″)
    Weight   2.5 kg (5.5 lb.)

    Multi Parameter Chemical Test Kit Specifications

    Parameter Range Method Smallest Increment Chemical Method Number Of Test
    Alkalinity 0-100 mg/L
    0-300 mg/L
    Titration 1 mg/L
    3 mg/L
    Phenolphthalein/Bromphenol blue approx. 110
    Chloride 0-100 mg/L
    0-1000 mg/L
    Titration 1 mg/L
    10 mg/L
    Mercuric Nitrate approx. 110
    Hardness 0.0-30.0 mg/L
    0-300 mg/L
    Titration 0.3 mg/L
    3 mg/L
    EDTA approx. 100
    Oxygen, Dissolved 0.0-10.0 mg/L Titration 0.1 mg/L Modified Winkler approx. 110
    Phosphate 0-5 mg/L Colorimetric 1 mg/L Ascorbic Acid approx. 100
    Sulfite 0.0-20.0 mg/L
    Titration 0.2 mg/L
    2 mg/L
    Iodometric approx. 110


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