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    ชุดทดสอบซัลไฟต์ในน้ำ (1drop=1ppm.)

    VISOCOLOR® ECO Sulphite

    Titrimetric determination of Sulphite

    Titrimetric determination with addition of iodine solution and reverse titration of unused iodine with sodium thiosulphate.
    Larger concentrations of sulphide and nitrite ions interfere.
    The method can be used for the analysis of sea water.
    For determination of dithionite (hydrosulphite) please ask for our special instruction.
    (Reaction principle analogous to APHA 4500-SO32- B)

    Data and ordering information
    Cat. No. 931 095
    Type titration test kit

    1 drop = 1 mg/l SO32-

    Sufficient for 60 determinations
    Shelf life at least 12 months
    Sea water suitability


    Detectable with PF-11 no

    Sulphite ions are not present in natural unpolluted waters, however they often appear in large quantities in industrial waste waters (e. g. paper mills, dye works).


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