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    ชุดทดสอบคลอรีนอิสระในน้ำ (0.0-2.0 mg / l)

    HI 3829F
    Test kit free chlorine (0.0-2.0 mg / l)

    Chlorine is the substance most commonly used for the disinfection of water by pathogenic microorganisms in swimming pools, water systems and food industry. If the chlorine level is inadequate for a certain pH decreases the disinfecting power of chlorine same. Free chlorine reacts with ammonium ions and organic compounds form combined chlorine that has less disinfecting power. The sum of free chlorine and combined chlorine is called total.


    Parameter Method Technique Scale Incr. min. N ° Test Weight / Dim.
    Free chlorine  DPD Colorimetric scale 0.0-2.0 mg / l
    about 50 176 g / 220x145x55 mm


    HI 3829F-050 Spare reagents kit HI 3829F for the determination of free chlorine


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