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    กระดาษทดสอบ Reducing agents, SO2, (Potassium iodate starch paper)

    Potassium iodate starch paper

    Quick and easy determination of sulphit and sulphur dioxide

    The test paper allows the rapid detection of sulphit and sulphur dioxide. The paper is used in food analyzing laboratories. The reaction is as follows:
    2 IO3– + 5 SO32– + 2 H+ → 5 SO42– + I2 + H2O
    Sulphurous acid or sulphites reduce potassium iodate to free iodine. With starch, iodine gives a characteristic blue-black color. For a detection of sulphite with high sensitivity we recommend Sulfit Test paper (REF 90763).

    Product data and ordering information

    Type Qualitative test paper
    Presentation Reel of 5 m length and 7 mm width
    Color reaction
    white → blue-black
    Limit of sensitivity 5 mg/l SO2
    REF  90753

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