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    กระดาษทดสอบ Oil in water and soil (Oil test paper)

    Oil test paper

    Quick and easy determination of oil contaminations

    This test paper allows the rapid and reliable detection of oil contaminations of water and soil. The sensitivity largely depends on the nature of the respective hydrocarbon. For detection of oil in soil, press the paper firmly against the soil to be tested and rinse with clear water. To determine oil in water, move the paper back and forth a few times in the sample. In case of volatile hydrocarbons, the color reaction of the test paper has to be evaluated immediately.

    Product data and ordering information

    Type Qualitative test paper
    Presentation Reel of 5 m length and 10 mm width
    Virage Nitrate: white → red
    (dip test paper into sample and afterwards into sulfuric acid 96%)
    Nitrite: white → yellow
    (dip test paper into sample and afterwards into Hydrochloric acid 5 mol/l)
    Limit of sensitivity 10 mg/l Nitrate (NO3–), 5 mg/l Nitrite (NO2–)
    REF  90611

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