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    แผ่นทดสอบไนไตรท์ในน้ำ (0 -3000 ppm.)

    QUANTOFIX® Nitrite 3000
    Quick and easy determination of nitrite

    This test strip is for the rapid and reliable determination of Nitrate and Nitrite in solutions. The easy dip-and-read-procedure provides a reliable result within 1 minute.
    Nitrite is an undesired byproduct in cooling lubricants. It allows the formation of carcinogenic compounds. Cooling lubricants are therefore regularly tested for Nitrite.
    In natural and drinking water Nitrite can lead to infant mortality and dead aquatic life. The EPA primary drinking water standard is 1 mg/l.

    Product data and ordering information
    Type Semi-quantitative test strips
    Presentation Tube of 100 test strips
    Color reaction yellow → red
    Gradation 0 · 100 · 300 · 600 · 1000 · 2000 · 3000 mg/l NO2
    REF 91322
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