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    กระดาษทดสอบไนเตรท- ไนไตรท์ในผักผลไม้

    Detection of nitrate in potatoes, vegetables and fruits with QUANTOFIX® Nitrate/Nitrite
    BackgroundPotatoes, vegetables and fruits are an important part of humans’ basic food in many parts of the world. Every day people consume them in great quantities.
    Nitrate is a nitrogen compound which accumulates through the use of fertilizers.
    Above the concentration of 200 mg per kilogramme potatoes develop a  poor taste and  bad stocking features. Often potatoes become wet rot through a reduction of cell stability.
    Experts recommend to consume potatoes, vegetables and fruits  with low concentrations of nitrate. The transformation of nitrate to nitrite through the influence of proteins may produce nitrosamines which are carcinogenic.
    Test procedure for potatoes

    Cut a potato and introduce one QUANTOFIX® Nitrate test strip. Then press the two halves together, so that the test strip comes in good contact with the potato.
    Remove the test strip from the potato after a few seconds. Wait for 60 seconds and compare the test strip with the color scale. A red-violet coloration of the test strip indicates the presence of nitrate. 

    Nitrate-NitriteTest Kit in food 1 Nitrate-NitriteTest Kit in food 2 Nitrate-NitriteTest Kit in food 3

    Cut a potato.

    Introduce the test strip and press the halves together. Compare the test strip with the color scale.
    Test procedure for vegetables and fruits

    Cut vegetables and fruits into halves and introduce one QUANTOFIX® Nitrate test strip for a few seconds. Place the test strip on the inside of the fruit, so that the test field absorbs the liquid. Remove the test strip and wait for 60 seconds. Then compare the test field with the color scale on the tube. A red-violet coloration indicates the presence of nitrate.

    Nitrate-NitriteTest Kit in food 4 Nitrate-NitriteTest Kit in food 5 Nitrate-NitriteTest Kit in food 6
    Apples contain low quantities of nitrate. In green paprika nitrate is easy to detect. In kohlrabi great quantities of nitrate are detectable.
    Product data and ordering information: QUANTOFIX® Nitrate/Nitrite
    Type Semiquantitative test strip
    Presentation Tube of 100 test strips
    Color reaction white to red-violet
    Limit of sensitivity 0-10-25-50-100-250-500 mg/l NO3-
    0-1-5-10-20-40-80 mg/l NO2-
    Reference 91313


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