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    Ozone test strips
    Quick and easy ozone testing in air

    MN OZONE test strips are designed for quick, convenient and reliable onsite ozone testing. The easy procedure yields accurate testing results within 10 minutes.

    Ozone is a colourless toxic gas. It is irritating to eyes and mucous membranes and can cause respiratory complaints. With ozone concentrations increasing world-wide, especially in the summer time, ozone testing becomes more and more important.
    An ozone content of 180 μg/m3 in the air is considered as critical value above which sensitive persons should avoid strong physical exertion. The ozone values published in the media only represent the ozone concentrations in the vicinity of the measuring stations. However, actual ozone values in other locations can deviate considerably from these published values due to meteorological and chemical influences. The reasons for such deviations are for wind, solar radiation, exhaust gases from vehicles etc. For this reason an on-site measurement of ozone concentrations is recommended.
    Ozone testing is performed in a wide variety of settings and by multiple different users, such as schools and universities, sports teams, municipal authorities, and regular households. On site ozone testing is especially important prior to physical activity on sunny and hot days.

    MN OZONE test strips are a perfectly suitable and convenient testing device for the orienting determination of ozone concentrations in air. Similar to the QUANTOFIX® test strips they consists of plastic strips (10 mm wide) onto which a test paper has been sealed at the lower end. The strip design allows easy testing and handling.

    Product data and ordering information
    Type Special test strips
    Presentation Box of 12 test strips
    Colour reaction
    white → brown
    Gradation <90 · 90-150 · 150-210 ·>210 µg/m3 O3
    REF 90736


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