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    กระดาษทดสอบความชื้น (Moisture indicators)

    Moisture Indicators
    Easy determination of moisture in air

    This test is used for the quick and easy determination of the relative atmospheric humidity. The paper is simply exposed to the atmosphere in question. When the colour of the pad does not change anymore, the humidity can be read off.
    Moisture sensitive goods e.g. electronics and optical systems have to be stored at low atmospheric humidity. They are usually packed in sealed plastic bags together with a desiccant.
    Moisture indicators are used to control if the desiccants is active and if moisture is effectively kept away from the goods.

     Non-toxic moisture indicator without cobalt chloride

    The patented moisture indicator is free from carcinogenic and toxic material. The clear colour change from red to yellow ensures precise readings.
    Established humidity indicators are based on cobalt chloride (CoCl2), which has been found to be carcinogenic and toxic.
    Contact to these types of indicators represents a health and safety risk to staff involved in handling and packing.
    The patented non-toxic moisture indicator eliminates these risks and increase safety.

    Product data and ordering information
    Type Colour change
    Presentation Sensitivity REF
    Moisture ondicator pink ↔ blue Box of 12 adhesive labels 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 60 · 70 · 80 % r.H. 90801
    Moisture ondicator pink ↔ blue 1000 indicators
    60×35 mm
    8 % r.H. 908901
    moisture indicator without cobalt chloride yellow ↔ red 1000 indicators
    60×35 mm
    8 % r.H. 908903


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