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    กระดาษทดสอบคลอรีน (DiaQuant® Chlorine CE* test strip)

    DiaQuant® Chlorine

    Quick and easy check of rinse and feed water for chlorine

    This is a highly sensitve test for total chlorine including chloramines in feed water as well as for chlorine in rinse water after disinfection with chlorine containing disinfectants (for example Sporotal 100). DiaQuant® Chlorine allows the quick and easy determination of chlorine in water. The easy Dip & Read procedure provides reliable results within 10 seconds.
    Rinse Water
    Hemodialysis equipment may be disinfected using chlorine bleach especially after dialysis of high risk patients (for example Hepatitis patients). Using DiaQuant® Chlorine allows an easy check if the equipment is adequately rinsed
    Feed Water
    Water used to prepare dialysate is cleaned up using reversed osmosis systems. These require low chlorine levels to ensure longevity of the device and purity of the water. DiaQuant® Chlorine allows the easy detection of total chlorine including chloramines down to 0.1 mg/l (ppm).

    Product data and ordering information

    Type Semiquantitative test strip
    Presentation  Tube of 100 test strips
    Colour reaction yellow → violet
    0 · 0.1 · 0.5 · 1 · 3 · 10 mg/l Cl2
    REF  932004

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