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    กระดาษกรอง Technical filter paper (MN 728)

    Technical filter papers

    The filter papers listed below are mainly recommended for technical applications such as industrial filtrations. They are available as sheets, filter circles, folded filters (in part), cuts of almost any shape and as rolls. On request, we will be glad to produce other filter papers or filter papers with special properties as to customers demand.

    Technical filter papers grades

    Slow, with about 30% activated charcoal for
    decolouring coloured liquids, e.g. for electroplating baths

    Filter Papers – Filtrierpapiere

    Grade / Sorte                                            MN 728
    Weight / Gewicht [g/m2]                            170
    Thickness / Dicke [mm]                              0,4
    Filtration speed / Filtriergeschwindigkeit       55
    Surface / Oberfl?che                                   smooth / glatt

    Applications and properties /                     Slow filtration, with about
    30% activated charcoal for
    discoloring colored liquids,
    e.g. for electroplating baths /

    Anwendungen und Eigenschaften                Langsam filtrierend, mit etwa
    30% Aktivkohle zur
    Aufhellung gefärbter
    Flüssigkeiten, z.B. für
    galvanische Bäder

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