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    กระดาษกรอง Glass fiber filter (MN 85/220)

    Glass fiber filters

    Safe filtration of aggressive liquids

    Glass fiber filters are widely applicable in many fields of labratory use due to the exceptionally good resistance to most organic and inorganic solvents. They allow a fast filtration with simultaneous high particle retention and good loading capacity.

    Glass fiber filter paper grades

    Thick glass fiber filter with organic binder. Stable up to 200 °C

    Filter Papers – Filtrierpapiere

    Grade / Sorte                                            MN 85/200
    Weight / Gewicht [g/m2]                            200
    Thickness / Dicke [mm]                              1,0
    Filtration speed / Filtriergeschwindigkeit       15
    Surface / Oberfläche                                   smooth / glatt
    Average retention capacity /                        0,4
    mittleres Rückhaltevermögen

    Applications and properties /                       Glass fibre filter with
    organic binder, thick /

    Anwendungen und Eigenschaften                 Glasfaserfilter mit
    organischem Binder, dick

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