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    กระดาษกรอง Ashless filter paper (MN 640 we)

    Ashless filter papers

    For quantitative analysis and filtration with low blank values 

    Ashless filter papers are particularly suited for quantitative routine  analysis and are manufactured from refined pulp and linters. They are acid-washed and have an extremely low ash content of 0.01%. The amount of a-cellulose is about 95%.

    Ashless filter paper grades

    Very fast filtration, ashless, for fast filtration of very coarse precitpitates.

    Filter Papers – Filtrierpapiere

    Grade / Sorte                                           MN 640 we
    Weight / Gewicht [g/m2]                           85
    Thickness / Dicke [mm]                             0,22
    Filtration speed / Filtriergeschwindigkeit
    [s]                                                           5
    Surface / Oberfläche                                 smooth / glatt
    Ash content / Aschegehalt (%)                   < 0,01
    Average retention capacity /
    mittleres Rückhaltevermögen
    [μm]                                                        12 – 25
    Applications and properties /                      Ashless, fast filtration, for
    coarse particles /

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